Tuesday 22 March 2016

A Few World-building Pictures

Sometimes it's hard to find something to write. I started two posts before this one, but they weren't going anywhere. SoI thought I'd write a little bit about the world building I've been doing in the last few weeks.

My setting is inspired partially by medieval Italian maritime republics. I have port cities and islands. I wish I had a map to show you, but my drawing isn't that great and trying to make it look nice just makes it harder to get anything down.

I have three republics, Vecoa, Trione and Fison, and two duchies, Selvarra  and Doranto. Here are a few of my inspiration pictures.


Now I'll see if I can tell you which picture belong to which place. The first one is for Vecoa, the second may be Doranto, the third could be anywhere, the fourth is Fison and the fifth could be Selvarra, but I think it's actually the Palazzo Selva in Vecoa. It was built to be reminiscent of Selvarra though, hence the name. It was built by Fedrigo Rizzetti, for his bride Claudia Hadri of Selvarra.

I hope you enjoyed that. I you want to see more little bits of my story creation you can follow my Facebook page. And if you don't have Facebook you can still have a look. I may have another post before next Tuesday, but we will have to see about that.


  1. These pictures are super awesome!

    1. I got them off Pinterest. If you click on them it should take you to the pin.


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