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Girl of the Rumours:
Status: First Draft finished and revisions beginning.

Some tales might be better left alone...

When Aydel realized she could actually be the long lost daughter of a lord, she decides to use that position to bring help for the people in the forests near her.
But most of the brigands she was told would welcome her are hostile instead and her presence seems to have made matters worse.
Meanwhile her old family are working with a neighbouring lord and want her back, even to the point of sending out a ranger looking for her.
 She may have just made the biggest mistake of her entire life. But its too late for her to change things. And even if she did have a second chance, could she give up her new found freedom?

This was meant to be a bit of a parody about a girl who thought she was in a fairytale, but of course things actually turn out more like real life. It kept turning in a more serious story with higher stakes and deeper themes.
It has little elements from Rapunzel(or Tangled) and Robin Hood as well as trying to twist fantasy cliches. And it has female brigands, and parrots, and tiny dragons, and endangered wild cats you're not allowed to kill, but still want to put scratches all over your arms.

Lady of Courage (Working title, it will change)
Status: Partially outlined, first draft begun.
 It's about a young queen (though she'll have a unique title) who must choose a co-ruler and husband with a certain space of time. There's going to be some kind of crisis and lot's of political intrigue and family tension. Also I think some tragedy.
 It's going to have cool technology and a whole range of different types of characters. Still fantasy, or possible alternative history.

Even More Nebulous Ideas
A sequel to Girl of the Rumours about Joane, one of the brigands. Well at least she's a brigand in the first book.
Many more stories set in my second story world. Some quite connected, others not at all. Perhaps some genre melding, with detective stories.


  1. Wow, these sound really interesting!

    1. Thanks. Let's hope they actually turn that good.

  2. I love the idea of the tiny dragons and the protected wild cats!

    1. I don't know that they'll actually make it into the story, but they are cool. Thanks for visiting.


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